Glamour Seam Stockings Green/Champagne

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Green seams? Yes really! If you wear a lot of colourful you will be amazed at how often you turn to your green seamed stockings.

The big question is, are green seamed nylons authentic to the 1950s. I'm afraid the answer is probably no, but back in the 1950s we'd be stuck to owning 3 or 4 dresses and just a couple of pairs of shoes. We're moving with the times and now we have access to more clothing why not have the stockings to match?

Our Glamour Seams feature a generous wide welt which is not only authentic to the 1950s, but more flattering and comfortable on curvier legs.

* Add a little vintage flair to your outfit with these vibrant green seamed stockings

* Classic 15 denier seamed nylons with a translucent champagne leg and green point heel, seam and welt
* Made from stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit
* Made in Italy, the home of traditional hosiery manufacturing