Mermaid Lagoon Eyeshadow Palette

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This special edition shadow palette from our 1953 Collection draws all of its colors and designs directly from the Ink and Paint cels of Mermaid Lagoon. These luxurious shadows provide an exciting array of choices and looks that draw inspiration from the tranquil and carefree ambience of the lagoon. The names of the colors refer to the original names of the actual paints used by the animators.

Tile-106: A warm, burnt orange matte shadow 
XR-20: A deep, eggplant purple shadow 
OG-11: A cool, dark green shimmery shadow 
XBG-3: A fun, aqua blue shimmery shadow 
BAMBOO-105: A bright, sunshine yellow matte shadow 
BEET-106: A dusty rose pink matte shadow 
GR-5: A light teal green shimmer shadow 
WHITE: A holographic powder that shifts blue and pink

The painted wood handle brush included has a flat, rounded top, and is created from the finest, softest, man-made hair